Hair Transplant for the Elderly-Restoring a Youthful Look!

As they age, many men and women suffer hair loss and baldness. Throughout history, hair loss has always been an issue of concern for many people. Ancient Egyptians for instance detested baldness and would wear wigs to conceal hair loss. Surveys indicate that more than 75 percent of people feel self -conscious and less attractive upon losing their hair. For nearly half a century, hair transplant procedures have been performed. These procedures have proved to be safe and reliable.

Should older people get hair transplants? Hair restoration procedures can be performed at any age. All that is necessary is for the patient to be in good health and have sufficient donor hair follicles. Age should therefore not be a negative factor when considering getting a hair restoration. Seniors with a family history of hair thinning and pattern baldness can greatly benefit from the procedure.

Unlike hair pieces that may not fully match your hair color and type, transplantation will result to a natural look. You will not have foreign hair being planted on your head. Instead, you will have your own hair being transferred from fuller areas like back of your head to the bald ones. Even the elderly people tend to have permanent lifetime hair at the back of their head. This is the donor part from which hair is sourced.

Hair transplantation is a convenient outpatient procedure that will not require you to be admitted in a hospital. With local anesthetic and mild sedative, the procedure is easy to perform. Therefore, older people can easily undergo the procedure without any health risks. It is always advisable to have the transplantation done by an expert. Experts are able to design a natural looking hairline to match your face!

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